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The world of art is no longer restricted to canvas, thanks to advances in tattoo artistry; the human body is a living, breathing art form. Turn your body into a beautiful canvas with a tattoo by Black Market Tattoo.

Black Market Tattoo specializes in stock and customized tattoos that are expertly crafted by our talented team of tattoo artists. All of our tattoo specialists have received specialized training in the design, technique and application of tattoos ranging from a simple design to complex body art. We take pride in our tattoo abilities and ensure that our facilities are clean and sterile minimizing any potential health risks to our clientele.

We have hundreds of designs to choose from ranging from florals, lettering, and symbols to gargoyles and mystic heroes – our experienced staff can help you choose the perfect image to showcase your personality and style.

For more information on our tattoo services, call Black Market Tattoo at 780-761-3061.